Puffy Pafford: Model shoot for Melbourne’s Trough X

Well, blow me. I moved to Melbourne in January 2015 and became the poster boy for beardy weirdies gay club, Barba, within weeks of arriving.

That led to a photo and video modelling job with Nik Dimopoulos and Benjamin Smith at Club80 in Collingwood, for their joint venture, Trough X, the infamous men’s club night in Australia.

The above footage appeared on the video screens during the December 2015 event, which, even though I’d moved to Sydney by then, I attended (my only Trough Melbourne, in fact). That day (12/12/15) happened to be the 100th anniversary of the birth of my favourite singer, Frank Sinatra. I bet he would’ve got a kick out of this.

Metaphors: self-felatio, cocaine frenzy – neither of which were in evidence at the event. Oh well.

Art Direction: Nik Dimopoulos
Photography: Damien Hinds